Knit to garment machine, using the needle separation technology, through the process, pattern making seamless weaving, save linking, suture and other procedures, greatly reduce the use of labor, shorten the production cycle, reduce production and management costs.

Additional Information

Gauge6.2G 7.2G 8.2G 9.2G 10.2G
Width72 inches
Knitting system

Single carriage triple systems

Knitting speed

Max speed 1.6m/s, Speed can be programmed for 128 separate categories


8/10 segments high frequency electronic needle selector

Shaking needlebed

Controled by precision screw and AC servo motor, moving needles up to 2 inches


Multi-motor encoder precision control mechanism, each system and front and rear can be divided into128 sections of independent control


Controled by high-power stepper motor with 128 sections 0-650 precision, realize 16 sections per line

Take-down Device

High position rollers+subsection control sub-roller

Rake flexibility pulling device+comb+sub-roller

Motorizde inversion bar

Controled by stepping motor, improve stability and efficiency

Yarn provider

Active yarn feeder and split yarn storage are equipped with thick and thin needle type respectively

Multi sinker

The new sinker and respective control system can adjust the working parameters according to the needs of each line in order to achieve better weaving effect

Yarn feeder

16PCS motorized yarn feeder, according to the requirements of the pattern of intelligent control, greatly improve the efficiency

Drive system

The AC servo motor controls the carriage movement through the synchronous belt

Document transmission

lnput and output patterns throuth USB and computer network


Automotic stopping device if yarn broken, yarn knot, strike needles, winding and all kinds of machine misoperation

Safety devices

Emergency stop switch power off device, alarn.

Full machine cover safety cover for noise-suppression and dust-proof.( with stop motion sensor).

Machine sizeSize:3490mm*906mm*1910mm(L*W*H)
Machine wightNet weight:1250kg
Back-up power

Power supply for resuming knitting after power failure

Power supplyVoltage:AC:220V  Power:1.5KW