The "Hulun Feihu" brand FH-911F computer woven collar machine independently developed by the company adopts high-tech computer chips and high-quality metal needle board, with advanced technology and stable performance.This machine would be mostly used to automatically knit woolen sweater or costume accessory, fit to the material include silk、 cotton、 woolen、 terylene、 mix-textile and so on, it is able to knit diamond、straight strip、crossband、 ribwork、 starriness、 scale、 smooth、 single-face form and so on.

Additional Information

Width40, 54, 66, 82,100inch(special standard can be made by order).
Knitting speedTwo gears shift and timing in any moment (display in operation faceplate ), the quickest speed can reach 1.6M/s.
Knitting system6 color can be changed in half turn.
Triangle boardTriangle board: (front back) triangle board can fluctuate to knit faultessly, system with high and low needles.
Neilsbed shift:Shiftable 7 positions (permit to be shifted in same time or different times).
Design conserve

Knit 6 models, each model can conserve 2700 rows at most (outer design card can be conserve 4 models, and also transferable

with inner card )

Automatic stop device

Yarn-breaking, spin, needle-sever (crash), fabric-fall, yarn-floating, triangle board amplidyne, density amplidyne,shuttle box,

neilsbed shift amplidyne, voltage unquiet (protected by transducer).

Control systemModel, step number, neisbed shift, sari, knitting speed, piece number.
Drive frameworkSynchronous belt drive, the fabric can be adjusted freely.
Adjust density5 levels density.

Electrical source and Amplidyne

220V, three-line 0.37KW.

Volume and weight

(F911/52 inch): length X width X height:1700X900X1950mm,

Net weight: 450kg。