R & D Team

The rapid development of science and technology has brought about an infinite breakthrough in the development of Flying Tiger Technology. 

The wisdom of quality, the inspiration for technology, the perfect product has always been the unremitting pursuit of Flying Tiger Technology!

Flying Tiger always puts the quality first in the development. Every product has undergone strict and meticulous inspection, starting from the details of the bit by bit, the production process, the step-by-step process, even to the small product management. The details, we also always take seriously, because we always adhere to the concept of manufacturing the best quality products for our customers. For this reason, we have been working hard!


While carefully building the brand, Feihu constantly enhances its service awareness, organically integrates production, sales and after-sales, and is more humane, maximizing customer's high standards and individualized needs. The selection of products will become a function of choice, and the purchase of products will become a service, so that the sales market will truly become a service market, relieve customers of worries, and let the feeling of peace of mind always accompany.