In October, flying tiger Technology meets you with Chinese kitchen capital—The 10th China (Bo Xing) International Kitchenware Festival

2015-10-30 09:36:39 飞虎科技有限公司 Viewd 784

China Kitchen Capital - Shandong Xingfu is the largest stainless steel kitchen equipment production base in China, with more than 3,000 kitchen processing enterprises. The annual "China (Bo Xing) International Kitchenware Festival" brings together more than 100 categories of hotel supplies and kitchen equipment at home and abroad.

Exhibition Name: The 10th China (Bo Xing) International Kitchenware Festival

Venue: Shandong Xingfu

Exhibition time: October 26-28, 2015

Booth: Hall E1

flying tiger Technology Co., Ltd. will focus on carrying HX3015A-X high-speed CNC fiber laser cutting machine. This product is a cost-effective laser cutting equipment. It is a optomechanical integrated product integrated with functional components such as fiber laser, chiller, fiber cutting head, cutting machine, control system, pneumatic system and exhaust system. The industry is widely acclaimed.

Product performance profile:

Structural form: the whole is fixed by workpiece, the gantry mobile structure is used to stabilize the aluminum alloy beam. As a two-axis linkage, the three-axis real-time controlled CNC laser cutting machine ensures that the X and Y axes are linked to realize the timely cutting of the plane cutting, and the Z axis floats to track the surface of the workpiece.

Guide drive: three CNC axes are guided by rolling guides, X axis is driven by AC servo motor gears, Y axis is driven by AC servo motor, and Z-axis AC servo motor drives ball screw give. The servo motor adopts the Yaskawa brand, and the imported rods, guide rails, reducers, gears and racks are all imported famous brands.

Control system: It adopts German brand laser special CNC system, which is easy to operate; professional cutting control software supports AUTO CAD graphics and text automatic programming.

Laser-specific cutting head: It adopts the famous imported brand sensor and cutting head from Germany to ensure the perfect cutting effect.