Flying Tiger Technology fire drill

2019-08-19 10:36:23 飞虎科技有限公司 Viewd 875

On August 17, 2019, Flying Tiger Technology Co., Ltd. held a full-scale safety production, fire training and evacuation fire fighting drills. The training and drills were based on the provisions of Article 16 of the Fire Protection Law and the actual situation of the company. Thanks to the joint efforts of all of you, the safety has been successfully completed successfully, and the expected purpose has been achieved. The emergency response capability of various departments and workshops in response to unexpected accidents has been tested, and the fire safety awareness of employees and self-rescue of fire escape and fire-fighting equipment have been improved. Comprehensive safety quality such as initial fire fighting and disposal.

1. Employees Check in:

2. Safety production and fire protection related knowledge training

3. Practical exercises