The "Hualun Feihu" brand F30-2/F30-3 computerized flat knitting machine with independent intellectual property rights developed by the company adopts single-head dual-system/three-system knitting system and folding needle triangle composite design.The computer control interface is in the form of an LCD menu, making the operation easy to understand.The motor is equipped with a motor connecting rod, which has no wear compared with the magnet seat type connecting rod. It can realize single-port intermediate turning, shortening the turning distance, making the swing control position more accurate, and the ultra-small head design can improve the efficiency by about 20%. The density motor equipped with the dynamic degree function supports multi-segment variability control in one line of the pattern, realizes fabrics with multiple degrees of density in the same line, and enriches the woven pattern.

Additional Information


5G,7G,9G,12G,14G,16G及5.7、7.2G Multi-gauge(Special needle type needs to be customized).

Knitting width


Knitting speed

Controlled by servo motor with 32 sections speed optional, max speed reach 1.4m/s. servo motor use the precise back award control and link up 

the high speed operation ability of digital signal processor (DSP), which control IGBT to produce the accurate output of electric current

Knitting system

Single head dual system or single head three system.

Knitting functionTransfer, tuck, pointelle, intarsia, jacquard, evidence shaping, concealed shaping etc.
Neilsbed shifControlled by servo motor shift within 2 inches and with accurate adjusting function.
Detect alam system

Using the infrared probe, the probe outside the braided area is alarmed and shielded, effectively reducing the false alarm of the probe.


Advanced coder adopted.

Transfer function

Triangle composite design, can transfer needles from front to back and back to front together.Supports two-way needle collection, 

independent of the direction of the head, to achieve efficient production.

Winding density

Controlled by step motor, 32 levels density selected, adjustable scope supported by subdivision technology:0-650, the length of the cloths 

can be accurately controlled. 

Dynamic degree

Implemented by high-speed stepping motor, which supports multi-segment variability control in a row of patterns, realizes fabrics with

multiple degrees of density in the same, and enriches the woven pattern.

Sinker system Controlled by step motor, adjustable to different knitwear, have various results of shaping and pattern.
Take down rllerComptuer programmed instruction, controlled by step motor, changeable pull power with 32 levels and adjusted scope:0- 100.
Yarn feeder2x8 yarn carriers on both side of 4 guide rails, shiftable on any position. 
Protection system

The machine will automatically alarm if yarn-breaking, spin, floating yarn, rewind, end of knitting, fail of tracking, needle crash, eror program

ming occur etc, automatism give an alarm, also set up the safety auto-lock protect device.

Cotrlling system

(1) Screen display:Adopt 10.1 inches LCD industrial screen which full screen touch, graphical interface,input device depend onUSB or internet,

the system memory can reach to 2G,can input a large of design files, which can be fetched out for use at any time as perproduction requirements.

(2) Monitoring menu: Each kind of operating parameter can be showed by Chinese, English and Arabic language, and adjusted at any time

when the machine is running, create conveniences for operation as much as possible.

(3) Design system and controll software are visual and easy to understand and upgrad

Data transmissionThrough high speed ETHERNET, the knitting data can upload, download and share. 
PowerSingle phase 220V and triple- phase 380V, adopts advanced CMOS technology, having memorizing function at power-off moment.

Volume and weight

(F30-2 、52 inch): length x width x height: 2400×950×2050mm  

Net weight: 1150kg。