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Flying Tiger laser and Shanghai sixteenth Industry Fair a complete success

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November 4, 2014 to sixteenth, the 8 China International Industry Fair (referred to as the "China Expo") in Shanghai New International Expo Center Grand opening. As China laser processing equipment manufacturing rookie on behalf of the enterprise, the strength of domestic leading products, series of laser cutting equipment manufacturers, Mars-1 with 360 square meters of exhibition scale debut, booth located in hall E3 booth C068. The exhibition, flying tiger laser under the brand name "Mars one" exhibition of products in recent years are oriented to market demand research, new products with independent intellectual property rights, international par.

As the laser cutting machine industry rookie on behalf of the enterprise, Mars-1 carrying 2000W, 1000W, 500W a total of three sets of fiber laser cutting machine at the Expo, booth design and atmosphere chic appearance of equipment increased Mars-1 recognition of the visitors stop here, thank you for leadership from all walks of life. The support of friends.