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In October, Flying Tiger Technology and you meet Chinese kitchen - tenth China (Boxing) International Kitchen Festival

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Chinese kitchen - Shandong, is the largest domestic production base of stainless steel kitchen equipment, kitchenware has more than 3 thousand processing enterprises. One year of the "China (Boxing) International Kitchen", brings together the domestic and international hotel supplies and kitchen equipment up to more than and 100 types.

The Tenth China (Boxing) International Kitchen

Venue: Shandong Xingfu

Exhibition time: October 2015 26-28

Booth: E1 Pavilion

Flying Tiger Technology Co., Ltd. will focus on carrying HX3015A-X type high-speed CNC optical fiber laser cutting machine exhibitors. This product is a high performance laser cutting equipment is composed of fiber laser, chiller, fiber cutting head, cutting machine, control system, pneumatic system, exhaust system components such as integrated mechanical electrical integration products, the industry wide acclaim.

Product performance profile:

Structural form: the overall use of the workpiece fixed, Longmen mobile structure, solid aluminum alloy beam. As a biaxial linkage, three axis real-time control of CNC laser cutting machine, to ensure that the Y, X axis linkage to achieve a timely feed, Z axis floating tracking workpiece surface.

Drive: three axis NC rolling guide guide, X axis AC servo motor drive gear pair, Y axis AC servo motor drive gear rack pair feeding, Z axis AC servo motor driven ball screw feed. Yaskawa servo motor selection brand, screw, rail, reducer, gear and rack are made of imported brands.

Control system: the use of the German brand laser CNC system, easy to operate; professional cutting control software to support the CAD AUTO graphics and text automatic programming.

Laser special cutting head: the use of the German imports of well-known brands of sensors, cutting head, to ensure that the cutting effect is better and better.

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