Research Results

R & D optimization innovation

The years of beauty is a lasting experience, is washed after the lead time is refined, carved out of exquisite, is after the calm after the test. Science and technology is developing rapidly,

Brought to the flying tiger science and technology unlimited breakthrough possible. Financial wisdom in the quality, financial inspiration in the technology, the perfect product has been the relentless pursuit of the flying tiger technology!


We gather

R & D, design, production, manufacturing, assembly, sales, service

After 28 processes

Contains more than 300 parts configuration

40 days of precision debugging

Perfect quality of achievement 

Flying Tiger technology carefully selected a variety of high-quality materials, the research and development of technical personnel and advanced equipment to build, so that each product has a perfect vitality. As technology continues to develop, more

Functional design is applied to the production, so that product set functional technology in one, the quality of products is becoming more and more mature