Into Feihu

Environment and garden style office

Broad, clean and transparent environment is the performance of the company management, a large area of green, comfortable eye color, orderly and harmonious environment, pleasant. The company's plant planning fully considers the factors of environmental protection and sustainable development. The modernization of the working environment is the driving force of the company to take off, it can let the staff to reconcile the mood, to drive the enthusiasm of the work, so that the company really become each employee's home, to provide creative skills and thinking to create space.







Exhibition and record Flying Tiger growth

We are committed to the production of high-quality scientific and technological leading products,

In order to improve people's quality of life.

Always take the initiative to break through,

Dedicated to exploring the technological frontier of products,

To innovate the perfect product quality,

Always adhere to the new,

Beyond self,

Become a consistent attitude of enterprises.